Our Corporate Training Courses have been structured specifically for closed business groups to allow for a team-building, personalised language experience that is beneficial for all those included.

These classes condition and prepare you and your team to take on the sector-specific challenges that come with international business in the Far East, and ensure all team members finish the course confident in their ability to converse concisely with their Mandarin-speaking colleagues and clients.

The course is designed around your company aims, availability and budgetary requirements, allowing Chinese School London to tailor the learning experience to you and your employees.

Corporate Mandarin Language

This course module concentrates on the going’s on in business meetings – reporting, negotiating and general communications.

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Industry Specific Language

We teach your employees specific language and phrases pertaining to your company, and focus on the following sectors: Banking and Finance, Politics and Diplomacy, Retail, Journalism, Pharmaceutical Industry and Marketing.

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Chinese Business Communication

We educate your employees in the respectful and authentic cultures that surround Chinese business; this will not only improve their confidence with their Mandarin-speaking colleagues and clients, but also provide them with a level of professionalism that is key to creating and maintaining strong business links with the Far East.

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Quality Teaching, Quality Results

Here at the Chinese School London, we are dedicated to providing high-quality and efficient corporate language training, and have multiple quality checks and measures we take out to ensure this.

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