Learning a language needn’t just be for work reasons; expanding your language skills by taking Mandarin Lessons in London is a fun, motivating and exciting prospect, opening you up to ways of life and cultures you may have never experienced before.

Perhaps you have friends or family who speak Mandarin and wish to talk with them in their native tongue, perhaps it’s a new year’s resolution to learn a language, or you may even be getting ready to go travelling for a long period of time; there are many reasons people choose to learn a new language and doing so will open doors for you either personally or professionally.

It doesn’t need to be big, complicated conversations, a few simple phrases and getting comfortable around the language may be all you want. But we know for certain that it’s not a decision you will regret, embarking on this lingual adventure and keeping it close to you for years to come.

All courses are split into six levels as follows:

  • Beginner – You’re a complete novice, with no prior experience of writing or speaking with the language
  • Elementary – You can handle basic levels of communication
  • Lower Intermediate – You can communicate moderately well in familiar scenarios, but still struggle with the language elsewhere
  • Mid Intermediate – You can use the language moderately confidently in most situations, but still need help
  • Upper Intermediate – You use language correctly most of the time, but complicated situations confuse you still
  • Advanced – You have a sound and accurate understanding of the language and use it confidently in even the most difficult situations


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