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Nothing is as immersive, thrilling and educational as learning Mandarin in China, especially in the city of Dali in Yunnan province, a culturally rich and naturally beautiful part of the Chinese landscape.

Situated in the south-west region of the country, the area is known for its landmarks such as the Cang (Tsang) Shan Mountain, Er Hai Lake and the Ancient City (where you will be located), all places that will enchant and capture your imagination.

And it is here that you will be residing as you begin your one-on-one Mandarin language lessons, guided and instructed by an experienced teacher, surrounded by helpful and friendly Mandarin native speakers, ancient Chinese history, traditional food and social settings to practise your new language skills in.

And a nice bonus is that Dali is never cold! With temperatures ranging from 10-20 degrees all the time and a lot of bright sunshine, it is a comfortable and pleasing climate to live and learn in.

This Mandarin language course offers you the chance to escape to the Far East and learn Mandarin to improve your social skills or take your profession to the next level with the overseas market; whatever your reasons for learning Mandarin, there is nothing like immersing yourself into a foreign culture to bring motivation and excitement to your studies.

Is this Mandarin course right for me?
This language course is designed for people who want to learn Mandarin rapidly and efficiently in a fully authentic environment, living and learning in Dali, China, for a true Mandarin teaching experience that will stay with you long after you leave.

What does the course aim to teach me?
Our Learn in China programme is designed to improve your listening and speaking skills, improve and expand your ‘everyday’ Mandarin from local speakers living around you, and improve your writing skills to ensure that you can communicate clearly and appropriately in everyday Chinese scenarios.

What will I get out of this course?
Not only will this course teach you how to communicate in Mandarin effectively in many situations, you will also be taught practical learning methods to continue learning Mandarin once the course ends. You will be given regular homework to continue your lessons outside of the classroom, and also engage in regular performance reviews with your tutor to ensure you are on-track to hit your Mandarin goals.

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Course Details

Lesson Times 4 hours each day
Lesson Days Monday to Friday
Course Length 2 weeks+
Cost Price on application
Minimum Mandarin level (view chart) Beginner - Advanced
Maximum class size 1 (All lessons are one-on-one)
Start dates At a time convenient to you
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