We at the Chinese School London endeavour to make this teaching experience as exciting and immersive as possible, keeping you interested and engaged with your new Mandarin studies; our curriculum focuses solely on the Mandarin language, allowing us to specialise in the language and provide you with focussed and well-rounded studies.

The curriculum we have tailored for you encourages daily use of the language with your classmates, ensuring you become more confident and relaxed with the Mandarin language.

Our Class Levels

The Chinese School London caters for all language abilities, from amateur to advanced; to ensure we place you in the correct group, we first put you through a short interview to gauge your level of understanding, and find your appropriate class. Please check our guide below, all of which are in accordance with the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR):

  • HSK 1/Beginner – You’re a complete novice, with no prior experience of writing or speaking Mandarin.
  • HSK 1/Upper Beginner – You can understand and speak some basic phrases and are able to read and write some simple characters.
  • HSK 2/Elementary – You can handle basic levels of everyday communication.
  • HSK 3/Lower Intermediate – You can communicate moderately well in everyday scenarios such as work or studying and are able to travel independently.
  • HSK 4/Mid Intermediate – You can use Mandarin moderately confidently in most situations and on many topics, but still need help.
  • HSK 5/Upper Intermediate – You can speak extensively on many topics and are able to read newspapers and watch films with the help of a dictionary.
  • HSK 6/Advanced – You have a sound and accurate understanding of Mandarin and use it confidently in even the most difficult situations.

Our Mandarin lessons are taught in groups of 2-6, to ensure every student is attended to sufficiently. The lessons themselves are far from boring too, with our teachers using various teaching methods to engage you singularly and also encourage class interactions between you and your peers.

We also offer elective one-on-one lessons to supplement your class sessions, and teach our Business Mandarin programmes in several set-ups dependent on your needs; from standard class sessions to closed corporate business groups.