Registering with the Chinese School London gives you access to hours of online support lessons, provided by our high-calibre teaching staff and available to purchase below.

These are the perfect addition to your course when you feel you may not be able to attend class, ensuring you don’t miss out on any coursework. They can also be used for revision, tracking your progress with your teacher, continued study after the completion of your course, and even for preparing for interviews or company meetings.

Simple to use virtually anywhere, the online support lessons package is a valued tool by many of our students, accessible whether you’re at home on the desktop or out in the park on your smartphone.

How the Online Support Lessons Work

Our online support lessons are 25 minutes long each and cost £14 per lesson.

Being a registered student or an alumni of the school, the lessons are available to you in packages of 5, enabling you to keep your learning consistent.

Available even at weekends, you can book your slot for online classes any time before your lesson is due to start, but to ensure your slot we suggest getting in there early as these classes tend to be popular!

To sign up for Online Support Lessons contact us here.