With the thriving Chinese business marketplace, it is more important now than ever to be able to communicate clearly and effectively in your international business sector with your Mandarin speaking colleagues and clients.

At Chinese School London, we offer dedicated business Mandarin one-on-one classes for banking and finance, law, politics and diplomacy, management consultancy, journalism, accounting and more, to ensure that you are confident and well-skilled in your area of expertise.

We fully understand this demand for specialised Business Mandarin skills, and have structured detailed and concise courses to help you achieve the best results possible. Our impeccable teachers have extensive experience in the Chinese marketplace, giving you access to first class, specialised teaching.

These one-on-one Mandarin classes for business aim to develop professional and competent language skills in the key areas of your business, whatever it may be, and we use typical Chinese business newspapers to help teach common Mandarin business terms and phrases that may otherwise be overlooked.

These skills are key to ensuring you are well-able and prepared to conduct business with China, and nowhere can prepare you better for that than the Chinese School London.

Course Information

Specifically devised for professionals, these one-on-one Chinese business courses are perfect for individuals who need Mandarin language skills for their job, and need them quickly. Outlining key points across the Chinese marketplace, you will be taught key sector-relevant approaches in Mandarin, traditional Chinese business etiquette and all the tools you will need for effective, respectful networking and relationship building in the professional arena.

You will make your course requirements depending on your business sector known to your teacher at the beginning of your course, to ensure you get exactly what you need to progress and excel in your profession.

Is this course right for me?
Specialist business Mandarin classes one-on-one are designed specifically for professionals who need to rapidly improve their Mandarin language skills for the workplace. Flexible and at times and locations of your choosing, these lessons are perfect for focused and hard-working individuals.

What does the course aim to teach me?
These specialist Chinese business courses one-on-one aim to provide you with a solid understanding of high-level business Mandarin communication, allowing you to converse concisely and intelligently with high-ranking professionals in the Chinese marketplace.

What will I get out of this course?
On these one-on-one Chinese courses for business you will be taught Mandarin language skills to enhance and improve your basic understanding, and will be tutored to improve your learning capabilities, confidence and listening skills leaving you relaxed in a variety of Chinese business scenarios.

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Course Details

Lesson Times 2+ hours
Lesson Days Your ‘lesson day’ will be agreed between teacher and you
Cost £80/hour (20 hours), £70/hour (21-50 hours), £60/hour (51+ hours)
Class Levels (view chart) From Beginner-Advanced
Minimum Number of Lessons 10
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