Business Mandarin is exceptionally useful in the modern World and it’s one of the professional skills which is predicted to grow significantly in demand.

With developments in the global economy, being active in international markets is a necessity for companies wanting to stay ahead of the competition and grow. English has historically been the dominant language of business, but since the Chinese entry into international finance, Mandarin has emerged as a key business language.

Not only is Mandarin spoken in China, it is also spoken in other countries such as Brunei, Indonesia, Malaysia, Taiwan and Thailand to name but a few. Being able to speak Mandarin for business is beneficial and will impress both clients and colleagues alike. Business Mandarin lessons are exceptionally useful in this modern world; if you learn the vital phrases, you will have one of the professional skills which are predicted to grow significantly in relevance and demand.

At Chinese School London, we run several Mandarin courses for business. Our lessons are of the highest quality, and we provide each student who wants to learn business Mandarin a detailed view of how the business sector currently operates in China. Our courses typically focus on 3 key areas:

Communicating in Business Contexts

A significant portion of the business Mandarin course teaches you how to structure business conversations in accordance to Chinese etiquettes and conventions. Our lessons teach you how to communicate effectively with new trade partners, business contacts and potential customers, using the vocabulary, expressions and phrases that are typically relevant in a multitude of different scenarios within the business industry.

Understanding the Chinese Business Sector

To strengthen and develop the success of your Mandarin lessons for business, we give our students valuable insights into local business customs, the economy and beneficial background information on China as a country and its culture. We want all students to gain an appreciation of how Chinese businesses typically function and the business environments that they operate in.

Bespoke Teaching Based on Commercial Activities

The Mandarin courses for business that we have developed can be tailored to suit your individual requirements and the industry that you work within. This dynamic approach ensures that when you learn business Mandarin, the specifically devised lessons are relevant to you and your sector. You may wish to study the language and learn for a specific purpose, or perhaps you already have overseas contacts you wish to communicate with better, in which case, our business mandarin course can be adapted to suit your particular needs.