Business Mandarin is exceptionally useful in the modern World and it’s one of the professional skills which is predicted to grow significantly in demand.

At Chinese School London, not only do we ensure our business mandarin lessons are of the highest quality, we also aim to give each student a detailed view of how the business sector currently operates in China. Our business mandarin courses typically focus on 3 key areas:

Communicating In Business Contexts

A large portion of the course will teach you exactly how to structure business conversations and which expressions or business phrases are typically relevant in a multitude of different scenarios. Our business mandarin lessons will teach you how to communicate with new trade partners, business contacts and potential customers.

Understanding The Chinese Business Sector

You will also learn helpful insights on local business custom, the economy and useful background information on China as a country. We want all students to gain an appreciation of how Chinese businesses typically function and the business environments they operate in.

Bespoke Teaching Based On Commercial Activities

We also regularly tailor course content to individual students and their backgrounds. Therefore, if you are learning business mandarin for a specific purpose or if you already communicate with overseas contacts – we can modify lessons so that they are relevant to you.