Task–based and intensive, the Weekday Evening Combination Classes are perfect for hard-working professionals who don’t have the time to take up study during the weekend.

Designed to improve your Mandarin language skills and confidence, you will be immersed in in-depth, interactive and exciting classes along with detailed one-on-one lessons that will cover the areas of interest you specify to us at the start of the course.

Is this course right for me?
Designed for busy working professionals, this course is ideal for those who need to learn Mandarin with fast progression, improved conversational skills and vocabulary in everyday business scenarios.

What does the course aim to teach me?
Your fluency with spoken Mandarin will improve greatly thanks to the intensive nature of this course, and alongside your additional one-on-one lessons, your vocabulary and confidence in the areas of interest you specified to us at the start of the course will be greatly improved too.

What will I get out of this course?
You will improve your fluency and confidence with the Mandarin language, and demonstrate excellent listening skills in situations both in and out of the workplace.

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Course Details

Lesson Times 18:30 – 20:30 + One-on-One time to be agreed with your teacher
Lesson Days Wednesday + One-on-One day to be agreed with your teacher
Course Length 10 weeks
Cost £1,060
Class Levels (view chart) Lower-Intermediate - Advanced (check your level on our Mandarin Level Chart)
Maximum Class Size 8
Start Dates The first Wednesday of every month
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