Here at the Chinese School London we understand how valuable some face to face time with your teacher can be, so we decided to offer specific one-on-one Mandarin classes between you and your experienced teacher for an improved and more personal learning experience.

The Mandarin classes one-on-one course allows you to really dig deep into your Mandarin studies, focus on vocabulary that means something to you (whether it’s personal or business focussed) and improve at a much greater speed than traditional class teaching.

To gauge your experience with the language, and to match you with the best teacher for your requirements, we conduct a short interview at the start of your course to ensure that both yourself and your teacher are on board, excited and ready to start this eye-opening language journey together.

Is this course right for me?
These one-on-one Chinese courses are ideal for focussed individuals who prefer a more personal teaching experience. Intense and designed specifically for you, it’s also perfect for people with a specific area of study they would like to embark upon alongside their General Mandarin studies.

What does the course aim to teach me?
Alongside the area of study you specify to your teacher at the start of your course, your General Mandarin skills, through learning the most common Mandarin words and phrases, will greatly improve as well as your confidence in both speaking and listening to the Mandarin language.

What will I get out of this course?
Chinese courses one-on-one will provide you with a greatly improved sense of confidence whether speaking or listening, to Mandarin. Alongside that you will have a much stronger understanding of your specified area of study, and you will have been taught the key skills to continue teaching yourself Mandarin once your course has ended.

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Course Details

Lesson Times 2 hours+
Lesson Days Your ‘lesson day’ will be agreed between your teacher and you
Cost £55/hour (20 hours), £50/hour (21-50 hours), £45/hour (51+ hours)
Class Levels (view chart) From HSK 1-6/Beginner-Advanced
Minimum Number of Lessons 10
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