Our General Mandarin courses are an incredibly popular option for students of all levels. We take great pride in structuring the course content on real life conversations and showcasing to students how authentic communication typically takes place in China.

We offer a range of different courses, which vary in terms of difficulty level and complexity. Our courses comprise 6 levels from HSK 1-6, meaning there is something for everyone. No matter whether you have been studying Mandarin for several years or whether this is your first time. As well as top rated teachers, we also offer students a fantastic support network with each course containing:

A Structured Curriculum

Our promise to you is to offer the highest quality course content and be adaptable to your individual needs. We believe Mandarin is more fun if you can regularly put into practise the language skills you are learning, that’s why we base our course content on everyday situations. During the course you will:

Learn Common Expressions – We will start by teaching you useful phrases for everyday use, in which you will shortly be able to understand similar expressions and link phrases together.

Have Ready Access To English Translations – As we introduce students to new vocabulary the English translations of new words will be ready at hand, meaning you can follow lessons more attentively.

Take Part In Immersive Classroom Culture – During lessons teachers will regularly use phrases from the course that you have already been introduced to. This helps students learn the Chinese language and promotes discussion with fellow classmates in Mandarin.

Structure Content To Your Tastes – You will have the opportunity to decide exactly which elements of the course you want to focus on. Some students prefer to just learn spoken Mandarin but should you want to broaden your horizons we can also include Chinese Characters and Pinyin, to assist with written Mandarin and phonetics. By closely listening to our students feedback, we believe we offer the most flexible mandarin classes in London.

Real Life Exercises

As well as the study material, we have also prepared a range of lexical, phonetic and conversation based tasks which help students put into practice the theory they are learning. Exercises are designed to be easy to understand as well as engaging. At regular intervals throughout the course we also want students to experience authentic Chinese culture; this is achieved through short stories and insights on Chinese history, behaviour and society.