Learning Chinese in China

When learning any new skill, the best thing to do is to dive in and fully immerse yourself. Learning languages is no different.

If you want to learn Chinese, the most effective way to enhance your knowledge and practice your language skills is to study Mandarin in China. A China language school offers more than just the skills students need to understand and speak Mandarin. It offers the chance to experience Chinese culture first hand by giving students an authentic learning environment.

Anyone who is ready and willing to take their Chinese knowledge to the next level should consider travelling and learning in China.

Why Choose CSL in China

Our school is located in the beautiful Yunnan province, which is in the southwestern part of China. Yunnan province is known for its gorgeous and varied landscape, including snow-capped mountains, deep gorges and lakes, and rice terraces. The famous mountain paradise, Shangri-La, is also in Yunnan province, and is where the largest prayer wheel in the world is located — along with the Buddhist Little Potala Palace, and many pieces of Tibetan art and culture.

Being in China and learning at CSL means you will be surrounded by Chinese culture and can experience everything first hand. Your interest in Chinese culture and language may grow as your experiences capture your imagination and pique your interest.

Learning Chinese in China at CSL also means your skills are accredited and recognised worldwide. We hand pick the best teachers to advance your listening, reading, writing and comprehension skills so you can advance through the HSK levels and reach your goals.

Our Teaching Style

Our courses are designed specifically for non-native speakers, particularly Western-based students. It can be tricky for non-native Chinese speakers to understand the nuances and contexts in the language without fully understanding Chinese culture.

For that reason, we have designed our courses with an emphasis on how to speak, communicate and interact in regular, everyday scenarios. This makes it easier to communicate in the real world, since the courses also include scenarios that optimise your studies through practising the language.

We know that getting enough facetime with your teacher is valuable and something most students will want in a lesson. Having more one-on-one time with your teacher is also an effective way to grow your skills. That’s why CSL offers one-to-one classes so you can take advantage of a better, more direct and more personalised learning experience.

The teachers at CSL have all been hand selected to ensure only the highest quality teaching is offered. Every CSL teacher is highly skilled, experienced and passionate about language and teaching. Their goal is to make the learning experience fun and effective, and they strive to inspire students with their enthusiasm. Our teachers can also help you find the best ways to learn Mandarin in China that suit your own interests and skill level.

Outside of our course and classroom environment, the local CSL team is always available to ensure your comfort while you’re staying in China. Feel free to get in touch with them should you ever need any assistance or guidance while you’re studying.

Lessons Schedule

Our courses in China run from Monday to Friday, from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 pm. Each lesson consists of a 3-hour one-to-one lesson and one hour of cultural activities.

Our Learn in China curriculum includes a number of cultural activities for our students to immerse themselves in. We offer exercises, diverse excursions and trips to local areas of interest so you can learn about the Chinese culture while practicing what you have learned in your lessons.

The goal is to educate and inspire our students while challenging them to speak confidently and fluently in real-world situations. Your teacher will accompany you on every cultural activity to make sure you are learning effectively and getting the most out of the lesson.

Bespoke Chinese Study Trips

If you are ready and planning to travel to learn Mandarin in China, an important factor is choosing the right course that suits your level and schedule. CSL offers a range of courses for different levels and ages.

Can’t find a course that suits your schedule or your needs? We have you covered. CSL can provide a bespoke study trip that is perfectly tailored to you. We will make sure your course is adapted to fit your specific and individual requirements so you can always make the most out of your learning experience.

Activity Schedule:

Week 1.

Monday: Introduction to Chinese calligraphy.

Tuesday: Introduction to tai chi.

Wednesday: Introduction to Chinese Opera.

Thursday: Table-tennis.

Friday: Cooking class.

Saturday: Tour around the ancient town of Dali.

Sunday: Rest/Free time.

Week 2.

Monday: Introduction to the Chinese art of tea.

Tuesday: Chinese style karaoke night.

Wednesday: Introduction to Chinese chess.

Thursday: Introduction to mahjong.

Friday: Chinese film night.

Saturday: Chinese style dinner.

Sunday: End.

Week 3 Onwards.

Please contact us for more information.

Round The Clock Support

As well learning Chinese in China, your comfort is our priority during your stay. We are always on hand to offer support and care should you need it, to ensure that you have a fantastic time at our school, both in and out of the classroom environment.

Our local team members are extremely approachable should you ever need guidance or assistance and you will be provided with the course leaders contact details should you need any on the spot details or advice.

Price Information and Dates

Start and end dates for our Chinese language courses in China: You are free to choose your course start date and length (minimum two weeks).


The price of our Learn in China experience includes:

Staying in a gorgeous house with a wonderful view in a fantastic location.

One-to-One Mandarin classes (each week includes: 15 hours of lessons + 6 hours of cultural activities).

Transfer to and from the airport in China.

Practical assistance throughout your stay.

Course Time Price Duration Start/End Location Book Enquire
Learn in China 4 hours each day Monday to Friday £1,300 per 2 Weeks 2 weeks+ At a time convenient to you China, Dali


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Course Time Price Duration Start/End Location Book Enquire
Course Time Price Duration Start/End Location Book Enquire