Annie Li

Co-founder, Academic Manager, PhD candidate in UCL

Annie is specialised in Education (UCL Education is Ranking No. 1 subject in the world since 2014). She has extensive experience teaching in the UK (3 years) and China (10 years). During her three years teaching Mandarin in London she has taught more than 200 young professionals and young learners. Her fun and enjoyable class produces a high-quality learning process which inspires students by using critical and motivational methods to improve students’ Mandarin speaking, listening, reading and writing skills quickly. This led to her being interviewed about her Mandarin teaching by ITV News.

Vicky Guo

MA Degree in SOAS

Vicky is specialised in Applied Linguistics and Language Pedagogy (Chinese path). She has extensive experience in Mandarin teaching for over 9 years. She has a track record of raising attainment and can prove excellent results in previous teaching positions held, including working at Foreign and Commonwealth Office as a Diplomatic Service language trainer, working at secondary, sixth form and college as well as higher educations such as UCL, Westminster University as a Mandarin teacher. She has highly committed to delivering the best possible lesson and helping students developing a lifelong enthusiasm for learning language.

Xunnan Li

PhD candidate in Royal Holloway University

Xunnan Li is specialised in teaching business Mandarin for those who is planning to work in China or has business with any Chinese company here in the UK. His master’s degree in the UK was Cultural Studies and Translation which enhances his great insights on Chinese culture, Chinese artistry and Chinese language. His 4-years extensive English - Chinese translation experience and business knowledge approaches his further study in the UK as well as his two publications about Chinese business. Throughout his working experience as a Senior Part-time Lecturer, a Business Practitioner, a Translator and PR Consultant, he is highly experienced in Chinese commercial industries and international trade markets.

Valeria Ungureanu

PhD candidate in Beijing Language and Culture University

Valeria Ungureanu is specialised in Linguistics and Applied Linguistics. She lived in China for seven years, teaching Mandarin in Confucius Institute more than five years, concentrating on adult beginners and young beginners. Meanwhile, she published two articles about Chinese language. During her 10 - year working experience as a Mandarin Teacher, a Translator and an Interpreter, she has an enrich pedagogic knowledge on teaching beginners to learn Mandarin faster, easier and more effective.

Yi Ting Tsai

MA Degree in University of Southampton

Yi Ting Tsai is specialised in Languages, holding TCSOL certificate. She comes from Taiwan, experienced on teaching both Traditional Chinese and Simplified Chinese with adults and young children. Moreover, she is an expert on Chinese Calligraphy Writing for more than 10 years. Regarding her working experience as a language teacher, she has her unique language teaching methods and her passion and patience to deliver high-quality Mandarin lessons and cultural based workshops to her students.

Helen Lu

PhD candidate in Applied Linguistics in UCL

Helen is specialised in Applied Linguistics. She is experienced teaching Mandarin since 2015. Throughout her Mandarin teaching period in Confucius Institution, she has taught over 11 countries young learners and young professionals from completed beginner level to advanced level (equivalent to C1 in CEFR Level). Her diverse pedagogies (i.e. presentation-practice-production method, communicative approach, task-based and project-based instructions ) have outstanding influences on students' learning skills, especially in speaking and writing. In doing so, she achieved a score of 98/100 in students’ evaluation to teachers.