Terms and Conditions For Cancellation

1. Excluding the following circumstances, no fees can be refunded or transferred;
1.1 A scheduled course is cancelled by Chinese School London.
The circumstances set out in Chinese School London’s “Money Back Guarantee“.
2. In the case that a tutor who was due to teach a course (including a One-on-One course) is unavailable through circumstances out of their control, Chinese School London will be within it’s rights to assign a new course teacher for the lessons still to be completed in the course. If, due to the foregoing, a student decides to leave the course, the student will be compensated 20% of the left over tuition fees as a gesture of good will.
3. For One-on-One courses, cancellation must be confirmed more than one day in advance of lessons taking place. Though students can benefit from flexibility of time and date agreed with tutors independently, full fees will be due if lessons are cancelled or changed to a later date where notice is given 24 hours or less prior to lessons taking place after time, place and date have been agreed.
4. Invoices for One-on-One courses include a date that all lessons have to be finished by. If students do not complete all of their lessons prior to the invoice expiry date then Chinese School London will be within it’s rights not provide the remaining lessons.
5. Fees must be paid in advance. Five days’ notice is required in writing to change, postpone or cancel a booking. Students will be required to pay the fees in full and no refunds are possible in the case that there are less than five days’ notice.

Cancellation and Availability

6. Chinese School London will try their utmost to get you onto your ideal course. However until your language level is tested and you have been interviewed, Chinese School London are not able to fully confirm you a place on any specific course nor the date and time that your course takes place.

7. The time for one lesson is 55 minutes.

Course Attendance

8. Punctuality and attendance is the students’ responsibility. Failure to to attend lessons will not result in Chinese School London refunding fees whether this is due to it not being possible for a student to attend or if the student misses a class or for any other reason cannot attend all or any of the lessons the student(s) have paid for.

Payment of fees

9. At least five days before course attendance, all fees must be paid in their entire amount. Any charges incurred through international bank transfers are not the responsibility of Chinese School London.
10. Your booking cannot be confirmed until all the entire amount of fees are paid.
11. Payment options:
– Bank Transfer with British Pounds
– Other Options can be Discussed